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Clearance & Damaged

We ship most of our products in from overseas. It's an unfortunate fact of life that part of every shipment turns up damaged as a result of incorrect packing & rough handling.

If we're not happy that a product is 100% condition, we mark it down and clear it. If you're like Joe Dodgy and love a deal more than a showroom-fresh box, this is the place to look!

A guide to condition & discounts:

Grade 1 - Very light damage, maybe shelf wear, dinted corner etc. 5% Discount.

Grade 2 - A bit worse, some ripping to the box. Can't be 100% certain that all components are still fine. 10% Discount.

Grade 3 - Ugly damage to the packaging and a medium chance that there is damage to the components inside as well. 15% Discount.

Grade 4 - Damage to packaging and components of the game. May only be suitable for parts. 20%+ Discount.

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