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Camelot: The Build Board Game


Camelot - The Build is a game of medieval interior design with all sorts of dubious stratagems, dirty tricks and subtle ploys designed to challenge all ages and types of players. The game has only three rules, allowing everyone to understand how to play it and win.

Having only three rules, a playing time of a half-hour, and bright, humorous graphics it is the first title in "The Camelot Chronicles", a series of easy-to-play games with a target of three rules, maximum playing time of one hour, and universal playability and appeal.

Players: 2 - 4 | Playing Time: 60 minutes | Ages: 10 +

Tile Laying board game based in Arthurian Camelot 

Imagine you're a pretty successful sort of chap living in Arthurian Albion. Into mosaics, tapestries, designer saddle bags - that sort of thing. You drink in the right inns, cultivate the merchant classes and avoid noisy oiks with swords, especially The Knights of the Round Table - a noxious bunch of hooligans with personal hygiene issues and the collective IQ of a goldfish. All is going swimmingly until one day Sir Bedevere stops you in the street.

'Ah! Citizen. Spare me a few minutes, I understand you're one of these arty-farty types. A creative. Full of sneaky new ideas... Yes? There's no need to try and shuffle off like that. No really, I've nothing against arty-farty types. Some of my best friends were arty-farty types before Gawaine got to them. So you hear me out and I'll keep Gawaine away from you. OK?

You see, King Arthur needs your help on some tricky domestic issues. No, not Guinevere and her all night 'strategy meetings' with Lancelot or Merlin with his silly hat and so-called magic. They're just background noise these days. No, it's Camelot. You know, the castley thing on the hill.

His Mightiness has build the walls, but can't decide where everything should go. Left to him, the bath house would be in the Great Hall and the Round Table out in the garden. Domestic is not really his bag, and queenie is too busy moping to get a grip. So do yourself a favour, old son, and turn up there tomorrow to sort it all out for him. And bring a few of your mates with you.

If arty-farty types like you have mates, that is.' 

That's blown it. It's sort out Camelot, or else. (Else being the name of Gawaine's sword.)

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