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In the Florence of the 12th -14th centuries, the city's powerful and influential families don't just compete with each other in trade and politics. They also try to outdo one another by building tall, mostly square base tower homes as status symbols.

In this game, you are master builders working on the families' construction commissions for such towers. You build the towers from different-coloured bricks you receive from the game's cards. But be careful: once you've started construction on a tower, you must keep erecting it every turn, or it will be torn down as abandoned construction. Pay attention to other players' projects, so that they don't snatch commissions you were counting on right from under your nose!

You receive Prestige Points for completed commissions. Whoever has amassed the most Prestige Points by the end of the game wins.

Firenze is an easily accessible strategy game deftly combining new and proven play mechanisms. Because the game can always begin from a different setup, it always plays out in a new way, guaranteeing re-playability.

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