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High Frontier 2nd Edition: Colonization Expansion

High Frontier Colonization, an expansion to both the first and second editions of High Frontier, includes all the elements of the first edition expansion (now out of print), but adds maps, cards, and playing pieces. The thriving space infrastructure has hundreds of specialists working in space colonies orbiting Earth. These provide services such as antimatter manufacture, beamed solar energy, cycler satellites, space telescopes, the space elevator, and of course the local tax office. New Bernal, Colonist, Freighter, and GW Thruster modules allow you to move your base of operations further afield in the High Frontier. The promoted side of the cards in the last two modules include new paths to victory called Futures.


  • 1 rulebook incl. 1 Cover Page (with list of operations) and 1 End Page (with tracks and tables)
  • 1 Expanded Map, from Jupiter to the trans-neptunian objects . Together with the legacy map, this forms the Sol Map
  • 10 Hemispheres (two of each of five colors) for Bernal Sphere Tokens
  • 5 10mm Cubes (one of each of five colors) for Freighters
  • 15 Disks (three of each of five colors) for Claim Disks
  • 10 Yellow Disks for Outposts
  • 3 Black Disks for Busted Sites
  • 32 New Cards for the four card modules: 6 Freighter Fleet, 5 Bernals, 15 Colonists, 6 TW Thrusters
  • 28 Legacy Expansion Cards (2nd edition): 7 Radiator, 7 Reactor, 9 Generator, 1 Thruster, 2 new Generators, 2 new Radiators

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