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The Lord of the Rings LCG: Road to Rivendell Adventure Pack


Having traversed the freezing snows and treacherous mountain pass of the Redhorn Gate, the heroes of Middle-earth continue their winding journey through the hills west of the Misty Mountains. But the way is long and perilous, and dangers await those sent to escort Arwen Undůmiel along the Road to Rivendell.

Road to Rivendell is the thrilling second chapter of the Dwarrowdelf narrative arc. Ferocious enemies lie in wait throughout the high hills west of the Misty Mountains, ready to ambush the intrepid heroes, and players must shield Arwen from danger even as their heroes fight for their lives. Road to Rivendell introduces 60 new cards, including an all-new scenario, a new hero, three copies of each new player card, and an exciting new Ambush mechanic that changes how enemies engage with players.


  • The second thrilling Adventure Pack in the Dwarrowdelf cycle
  • Continues an all-new narrative arc for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game
  • A new scenario builds on the Khazad-dŻm Expansion encounter sets
  • Introduces the new Ambush mechanic
  • Adds deck-building options with a new hero and 3 copies of each player card


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