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Warhammer Diskwars (Base Game)

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$51.95 FFG WHD01

Warhammer Diskwars has a simple set of rules, so it is easy to learn, fun to play, and also has an amazing amount of tactical depth. The 4 playable races that come in the base game (High Elf, Orc, Chaos, Empire) each have their own play styles so you can have a lot of games trying out different combinations. The game is card driven with players taking it in turn to play a card effect and flip disks (the game pieces) end-to-end for movement. Combat occurs when a disk overlaps an enemy disk. The top disk deals attack damage to the bottom disk, and the bottom disk deals counter-attack damage to the top disk. The variations in movement, attack, counter-attack, and toughness between disks, as well as special abilities, is what gives the game so much depth, as you jockey for position and try to stack disks against your opponent. Dice are only used to resolve missile attacks and some special abilities.

Production values are very high, as is normal for Fantasy Flight Games. The box is great value for its price, containing plenty of disks, cards, and terrain pieces. Serious players may eventually want to buy a second box, or swap their less favoured disks for others, but as it is there's no need to buy anything further so its easy for anyone to get in to.
Date Added: 08/13/2014 by Emil Zanettin