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Battletech: Introductory Box Set (Improved Edition)

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$77.95 PSI CAT3500B

FASA's longest living franchise, Battletech and its variant RPG, video game and animated TV series were a staple of the sci-fi loving 80/90s generation. Today it's reinvigorated in this incarnation which offers beautiful full colour graphics and production quality featuring an A2 wall map of the Inner Sphere that'll look great on any gaming room wall, plenty of fluff and supporting documents as well as both introductory and complete rules booklets. Completing this steal of a product (if one wanted to it could be said the retail value of the Mech's alone runs to almost $300 for their metal cousins!) are a complete faction and painting guide as well as two gorgeous double sided full colour cardboard maps and to top it off (it being intended as a two-player game) TWO cardstock QRS and a complete set of reference cards for each miniature.
But that's just the icing on the cake - the real stars of this product are the 'Mechs - finely crafted, well detailed with little to no flash this product is the one-stop starter set for anyone looking to explore or get back into the amazing world of giant robots dishing out heat-driven pain on one another.
Highly strategic, bucketloads of fun - if you don't own it get one off the Dodgemeister - I own two, and will soon be purchasing my third.'s that good of a product!
Date Added: 07/31/2014 by Steven Cartarrasa