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Small World: Underground (Base Set)

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$74.95 DOW 7909

Almost all the praise that applies to the original game also applies to this one, which works to it's advantage and it's disadvantage. On the one hand, you have a fun, funny, easy to learn game that presents a vast amount of possibilities and replayability with its random combinations of races and special powers. You'll have a great time discovering all the overpowered combos, the dud combos, and the hilarious combos. But, unfortunately, all of that is true of the original Smallworld, and the original also had a stronger, wider-appealing fantasy theme. Taking things underground is great for fans of D&D or hardcore fantasy readers, but when you're trying to introduce your average friend or family member to what is a great game, stick with the original.
Date Added: 09/07/2013 by Tyler Jefferson