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Arkham Horror - Revised Edition (Base Game)

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$97.95 FFG VA09

Great game, fun and exciting with almost limitless replayability. In fact, even if played with only one expansion, it becomes almost impossible to replay the same game, and there are 8 expansions! Would recommend purchasing at least one of the extra game board expansions (Dunwich, Innsmouth, Kingsport) as they expand where your investigator can go, which changes the game dramatically. This is a welcomed breath of fresh air as the regular board can grow a little stale after multiple games.

Would recommend, is an intriguing, in-depth game of cooperative play, but don't expect to win every game unless everyone pulls in together and works as a well oiled machine. Is great for solo play with yourself, however be warned, the base game with 1 investigator is ridiculously hard in itself, let alone adding an expansion. Can also be played by yourself using multiple investigators, and works surprisingly well.
Date Added: 11/25/2013 by Matthew Rayner